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Lid Bowl Black (Small)

Lid Bowl Black (Small)
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Clip-on clear lids fit securely to the Fastpac Bowls & Trays to keep food well preserved and eliminate leakage. Lids are clear to give customers food visibility. Heat resistant and fully recyclable. Suitable for microwave and oven use (up to 100 degrees).

(sold without container - pairing with product with SKU number: LDS7 5116)

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Product Details

Dimensions: 130 mm (diameter) x 15 mm (h)

Capacity: -

Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Ideal for: Any hot or cold food that doesn't need to breathe. Benefits from a very good seal


Recyclable: Yes

Compostable: No

Biodegradeable: No

Microwaveable: Yes

Roo Rating

  • Heat retention PP has decent heat retention properties, but most importantly the seal on Fastpac products is excellent and therefore overall heat retention is very good
  • Green credentials PP is easily recyclable and well supported by recycling infrastructure in the Belgian. Ease of recycling is very important, and therefore PP gets high green creds
  • Look & feel Fastpac products are finished to a high standard and this is reflected in the look and feel. Makes a good impression on customers
  • Food protection Sturdy structure with tight sealing lids