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Lunch Pack Cardboard (Big)

Lunch Pack Cardboard (Big)
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Suitable for packaging various food products such as sushi, pasta or salad. Clear lids offer great food visibility. Easily stackable

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Product Details

Dimensions: 215 mm 125 mm x 45 mm

Capacity: 1000 ml

Material: PET and cardboard

Ideal for: Salad, pastas, sushis and various kind of hot and cold food


Recyclable: Yes

Compostable: No

Biodegradeable: No

Microwaveable: No

Roo Rating

  • Heat retention Not designed for heat retention - ideal for cold drinks
  • Green credentials Cardboard and PET are easily recyclable and well supported by recycling infrastructure in the Belgian. Ease of recycling is very important, and therefore PET gets high green creds
  • Look & feel Neat finishing lines with mixed colours and clear open lid that makes it a modern item
  • Food protection Grease and liquid proof inside with clear lid for maximum food protection