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Bowl Black (Medium)

Bowl Black (Medium)
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Combining great aesthetics with excellent functionality, the Fastpac range is perfect for a wide range of dishes, with lids available for each size. Made from high quality PP plastic, Fastpac are our premium range offering a sturdy structure, a great seal, and excellent stackability and denesting features. Bowls are microwaveable and oven safe (up to 100 degrees) and can be stored in the freezer.

(sold without lid - pairing with products with SKU number: LDS5 2771)

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Product Details

Dimensions: 190 mm (diameter) x 40 mm (h)

Capacity: 750 ml

Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Ideal for: Any hot or cold food that doesn't need to breathe. Benefits from a very good seal


Recyclable: Yes

Compostable: No

Biodegradeable: No

Microwaveable: Yes

Roo Rating

  • Heat retention PP has decent heat retention properties, but most importantly the seal on Fastpac products is excellent and therefore overall heat retention is very good
  • Green credentials PP is easily recyclable and well supported by recycling infrastructure in the Belgian. Ease of recycling is very important, and therefore PP gets high green creds
  • Look & feel Fastpac products are finished to a high standard and this is reflected in the look and feel. Makes a good impression on customers
  • Food protection Sturdy structure with tight sealing lids