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Bowl Pulp Nature (Small)

Bowl Pulp Nature (Small)
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The BePulp Container meets the latest trends in food service with high-quality features:

  • The best lid fit in the market
  • Superb product visibility
  • Excellent stackability and denesting features
  • No taste transfer
  • Bagasse is sugar cane, an abundant and renewable resource that is certified compostable

This bowl shaped bowl matches a lot of food types and goes together with the Lid Bowl Rpet Nature (Small)

(sold without lid - pairing with products with SKU number: LDSC 1616)

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Product Details

Dimensions: 150 mm (diameter) x 60 mm (h)

Capacity: 500 ml

Material: Pulp

Ideal for: Suitable for a variety of food such as pasta, rice, fresh salads and more generally street food


Recyclable: Yes

Compostable: Yes

Biodegradeable: Yes

Microwaveable: Yes

Roo Rating

  • Heat retention Heat retention is good with pulp
  • Green credentials Pulp material is easily recyclable, compostable and biodegradeable which gives it high green credentials
  • Look & feel The appearance of food is very important in the pleasure of dining, as well as presentation. This slope container and its lid allow a perfect visibility of the food preparation, even when the containers are stacked.
  • Food protection The BePulp Container and lid feature a unique clip system that offers the best leak protection on the market. The container has no impact on the flavour of your food and keeps your dishes fresh at all times.